12 de jul de 2009

The Faut...

All the and all the times do I catch myself wondering for what I am at this place ... a land that is not my land...
A strange thing has nothing to do with me...
I already do not know it because of existing or of living...
Saint you were sewing what comes the head...
There is no explanation, I have the vague mind...

The fault, has been shown how a brake, an obstacle, with difficult characteristics of they were exceeded, his persuasion has been blinding great part of the humanity, and when the man was induced to an enclosure of inner suffering.

The fault is a synonym of illusion, presuppose the existence of a "mistake" or of a "sin", his origin resides in the clear separation between the subject and finality.

Put in these terms the "mistake" or "when" it "sinned", they have a wrong connotation, a meaning that withdraws the true sense of the act. What we call a mistake, or of sin, in fact does not exist, not never it existed, which exists yes, is discovering an experience, which does not serve us, which we do not identify.

In fact, completely what the reader calls of “ mistake “, or “ sin “, it was a result of an unconscious state, the (ego), the mind the fez, in base in a degree of unconciousness, since any identification with the mistake, is unconscious.

The mistake exists, not to be ignored, but yes, only making seeing, where his conscience, face resides to the event, “ That one in you ”, what he knows that it "wandered", is who you "É", and not on the contrary.

The reader, will only be able to know what it means to breathe if to stop breathing, and since the simple act stopping breathing is impossible, also the mistake and sin, it it is. Nevertheless it is when the stopping allowed him to be simulated, and in spite of the fact that that feels the true freedom and taste, of breathing again.

The Fault, it is so an illusory creation of the mind, face to interpretation of the event. The interpretation always wraps fear, the fear of consequences, the fear of which you are not worthy of respect face to the event. The fear, it fastens so the Man to a past, which does not exist already, it not allowing, to survive his life, in the full form.

The interpretation of the ego, take it siding, the party of victim, and of decrease car appreciates, face to the event, turning in a bundle, in an anchor.

Do I ask about him, eat that the reader wants, to see LIGHT, if the reader insists in not seeing it?

To see LIGHT, it will have that necessarily, to "exist" in the illusory form, his opposite, the darkness. When he once plunged into the darkness, he will see that the darkness does not exist, in her nothing exists, since it is LUZ'S absence. And everything that stays away, is illusory.

The same thing goes on with the mistake, he does not exist, it is an absence of conscience.

As Albert Einstein said: … ” does the darkness exist? The darkness does not exist … the darkness is a definition used by the man to describe what takes place in the absence of Luz ”...

And next it affirmed: … ” the Evil does not exist, the evil is simply the absence of the good ” … ” The evil is a definition what the man created to describe the God's absence ” … ” God did not create the evil. The evil is a result of the God's absence in the hearts of the Human beings ”

An unconscious state.

In other words, That what feels fault, feels when will of the ego was separated of all separated by his permission, face á. The mind manipulates so, to his favor the illusion, of feeling separated.

Whenever it will feel culprit, look at the situation, recognize that she does not make part of you, it is not even who you are, you are not an idea, so so little an unpleasant experience, you "É" the Conscience behind of the experience, behind of the certain one and of the wrong one, you "É" Plant vines, one with GOD.

You exist to see, to try and to contemplate the world, the illusion is not who you are, you "É" the conscience, that he sees and knows, what it is an unconciousness.


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